Cinema, Berlin

Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee.

That curve!


Some buildings, Leipzig

GDR architecture. The Post building that follows this one is empty.

Happy Talk, Sydney

Happy Talk House opens Friday 23 September in Sydney’s Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park North (diagonally opposite the Australian Museum). Happy Talk will have workshops and talks on Pacific Island culture as part of Art & About 2011.

Happy Talk = Heidi Dokulil, Liane Rossler, Beatrice Chew.
Broadsheet: Beatrice Chew and Heidi Dokulil.
Architect: Mano Ponnambalam.

Please visit the Happy Talk site for information and program.

Ideas for better cities, Berlin

Lots to think about a brilliant practice working on the edge of architecture and using public space as a laboratory to discover possibilities.

Love their building and its location on a canal off the River Spree. Also the method of entry. If the orange door was locked the instructions were to phone. So I did, and someone appeared at the top floor window saying, ‘I’m going to throw you a rabbit’. The fluffy bunny had the key in its butt.

To be revisited soon.

Parasitic actions

New Territory Design Research talk at COFA, Sydney, 4 August 2011.
Richard Goodwin: parasitic actions for public spaces; in a series of rolling catastrophies (ie life) the city becomes more like nature.

What came out of it was this unexpected sense of optimism for the future—this way of thinking about the city.

My friend and work partner, Heidi Dokulil, also spoke with Liane Rossler about their new, soon-to-be-launched adventure in Pacific dialogues — Happy Talk. Please bookmark their holding page for events and workshops a little later this year in Sydney.



This catalogue was designed for the New South Wales Architecture Awards which were announced a few days ago. Inevitably — with these simpler, quieter works —someone will ask where the design is… and I don’t know how to answer in a succinct way.
I could tell them about the way a sentence is set, and how it wraps around the curve of the paper or how I want someone to look while holding it in their hands or how a particular font brings back memories of elegant typewritten forms. But I don’t.
The type is Freight Text and Sans. Art director: Graeme Smith. Editor: Peter Salhani.



Series of plan-printed A0 posters for a month-long viewing of a beautiful folio on the works of architect, Glenn Murcutt, published and designed by 01 Editions, Sydney, with writing by Kenneth Frampton, Juhani Pallasmaa and David Malouf.

Poster design: Graeme Smith
Folio: Glenn Murcutt, Architect by Kenneth Frampton
ISBN 0-9775931-0-x
Publisher / designer: 01 Editions, Michael Tommasi, Liisa Naar
Photographer: Pierre Toussaint

Please visit Workshopped, 8 Hill Street, Surry Hills, Sydney or 01 Editions.