About Smith & Peony Press

Peony Press:
Peony Press is my personal site, and as such only connects partly to commercial work. My interest, at heart, is in ways of reading the world more critically.
The bits of an undercriticised world that particularly occupy my thoughts are:
the city, freedom and the citizen, history, habitat, social landscapes, visual culture and consumerism, politics and authoritarianism, and literature.

I am an experienced creative director; a rare communications hybrid, with a 50/50 balance of writing and designing for any appropriate medium.
My mode of operating is ‘attentive and available’. You could call it bespoke.

Introducing Good Habitat:
Good Habitat is a new organisation started in 2014 with my work & play partners, Heidi Dokulil and Beatrice Chew. We have a range of good habitat-related projects lined up for 2017 and beyond.
Social and educational programs, government and private, the built environment, talks and workshops, exhibitions and conferences, good food, reporting and publishing are some of the things that come within our sphere of interest and influence.
Please visit Good Habitat.