Works: designed (other)

A random selection of other works, some recent, some not so new.

Design and photography: Graeme Smith

More boxes.
City of Sydney architectural competition to redesign Town Hall Precinct. Design: Graeme Smith, Alan Lippert, Linda Jukic —at Precinct.

An exhibition on Australian designers and Italian manufacturers for the Italian government. Design: Graeme Smith. Editing: Heidi Dokulil. Photography: Phillipa C.

Identity, web and print for a fit out and joinery company. Design: Graeme Smith, Beatrice Chew, Leanne Rule. Interactive design and web development: Ross Gales. Photography: Ute Wegmann.

More branding.
Design: Graeme Smith, Monika Domaschenz.

Less is Moore.
An architect’s stationery. Design: Graeme Smith with Liisa Naar, Studio Naar.

An enormous brochure the size of a coffee table.
Design: Graeme Smith — at Precinct.

Boxes revisited.
An exhibition for the Italian government. Design: Graeme Smith, Heidi Dokulil, Richard Peters, Matt Krusin, Monika Domaschenz.

More Italians.
Design: Graeme Smith. Object photography: Karl Schwerdtfeger.

Pool boy.
An older work, but remembered fondly. Architectural competition package to redesign the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. Design: Graeme Smith, Alan Lippert, Graz Darken. Photography: Andrew Ashton, Graeme Smith. All at Precinct.