About the random letterforms

At the top right is a little exhibition space dedicated to anything that appeals, infatuates, tickles or somehow stimulates in a way that makes it worth showing.

Currently it’s a typeface called Freight.

Being smitten by a typeface is—to some—a geeky way to be. So be it…

New York type designer Joshua Darden’s Freight Text and Freight Sans combine charming quirkiness with an elegant and honest sense of utility. The Sans is heart-breakingly Humanist in spirit and you have to love those beautiful calligraphic Text italics that appear to reveal the maker’s hand.

Darden says on his website, “Design is an extension of the human experience — typeface design acutely so, because it’s present in nearly every aspect of our daily communication. Because we approach typeface design as a middle place between technology, language and aesthetics, we pursue our work alongside other activities which expose us to more of the world: drawing, painting, metalworking, gardening, stonecutting, music-making, reading and writing are as important to our office culture as evaluating artwork and writing code.”

The Darden Studio is in Brooklyn, New York.