On my Patch

Hill Street Precinct will host 5 events responding to the Sydney Design theme, ‘Tell us a story’. Collectively, it’s called, ‘On my Patch’.
Saturday 31 July–Sunday 15 August
For times please visit

2 Hill Street

Ground level:
Sarah King & Emma Elizabeth Coffey.
Installation based on the 1974 French film ‘Celine and Julie go Boating’ which informs 2 new furniture pieces—’Wing-back’ and ‘Mobile Luce’.

Level 4:
Samorn Sanixay, Eastern Weft.
‘Anithya’. A workshop installation showing how flowers, seeds, berries and plants collected locally and in season are used to dye handwoven textiles using traditional South East Asian techniques.

Level 4:
Knitty, Gritty & Loopy.
Hands-on workshops in which everyday waste is transformed into by-products of love that tell a story of where things come from and where they will go.

8 Hill Street

Ground level:
Launch of ‘Usable Design’ exhibition featuring furniture and objects by designers who have exhibited over the past 10 years with Workshopped.

Level 1:
The Sewing Room.
A series of fashion and sewing workshops: tambour beading, fashion design and colour theory, fashion illustration, embroidery and beading techniques, pleating, chic t-shirt manipulations.


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