Minorities Kids

In 2004, with very little money, Samorn Sanixay and Kaisy Sophabmixay built a boarding house for disadvantaged weavers just outside of Vientiane, Laos, and purchased old looms from a rundown factory. They called the workshop Eastern Weft.

Textiles are created entirely by hand. They are hand spun, hand dyed with locally sourced colours and then hand woven on traditional floor looms. Eastern Weft works in harmony with nature, using materials available in season. All this results in a textile maker with a very small carbon footprint.

Minorities Kids is a label by Eastern Weft, designed by Samorn Sanixay and often inspired by the works of Lao ethnic groups. Skirts and dresses are made from fabric off-cuts and remnants or from traditional textiles—mostly produced by hill tribe minorities. Hence the name.

Eastern Weft promotes individual creativity and decision-making in the workplace and is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

A large new range of women’s and men’s scarves will be launched soon in Australia.

Photography: Stella and Astrid for Minorities Kids. Photographer: wclee. Art director: Graeme Smith. Designer/stylist: Samorn Sanixay.